What is the Flight Sim Network

The Flight Sim Network is in very early stages, but will be the next generation of services currently offered (mostly to FSEconomy Players) as Elite Star Services. Over the coming months, all the various bits and pieces will be migrated from a few different sites created over the years into a condensed version of the best and most popular features. Once that part of the process is completed, new features and offerings will be made available to compliment the enjoyment of a wider variety of flight simulation enthusiasts. I don’t want to make the cart too heavy to push up the hill with promises about when any of this will happen, since it is all done in my free time, but I can say the quality of the services being offered has increased over the last 7 years and that trend of steady improvement should continue.

More is also planned for another project that has added to the enjoyment of some, the Star Alliance, which is something of a relaxed Virtual Airline more geared toward the use of ACARS to record detailed flight information without the need to follow any of the other procedures often required by Virtual Airlines.

Another major change is that we are now able to offer free web services to some small flight groups and virtual airlines, Contact Us for more information on hosting or complimenting your existing setup with a custom site in the Flight Sim Network.

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