Alliance Fleet Information

Qualified Pilots can request Alliance Pilot status. If approved, new types of flights become available when flying Alliance Registered Aircraft. SIM ACARS will recognize when a pilot is at an Airport where a Registered Aircraft is located, and will offer the ability to select that aircraft for a flight. A pilot can also elect to 'Jump', or Change Location (in Pilot Options), this lets the pilot move to a new airport where a registered aircraft is located for a charge based on the distance moved.

Once access to the Alliance Fleet has been granted, a pilot can use the aircraft for both Alliance Operations and personal business under the 'honor system'. More specifically, pilots can make direct payments to the 'Alliance Operations' group (if they wish) to cover any personal use for flights they create or book themselves, or they can fly Dispatched Flights, which display on our Flight Board and pay the amount displayed on the board for each dispatched flight. Please see the How To section for more info on alliance fleet use.

The Star Alliance Fleet Search System provides a unique interface to find semi-realistic flights (based on the planes specs) to enhanced scenery airports that also have paying FSE jobs. Any pilot can take advantage of the flight search system by using one of the planes in our large Public Rental Fleet.

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