As is the case in FSE itself, where users of flight simulators newer than FS9 (and other programs or add-ons that use newer airport databases) must deal with occasional situations where the FSE airport is not found, that same issue can occur when flying for the Star Alliance. In our case this takes place on two levels, one being the SIM ACARS Client, and the other being the Star Alliance database.

With respect to the SIM ACARS Client, that database is what it is and can only be updated by the author. However, the program will simply warn you that the airport was not found in the (SIM ACARS) database, you can click Continue and it will connect to the sim and track the flight properly in spite of that discrepancy.

The missing airport only becomes a problem when you send over the Flight Report and the airport does not exist in the Alliance database. At that point the system will still save the flight information, but since the airport 'does not exist' that flight will not show up in any flight logs. If this happens, your pilot entry will also be missing from the Pilot Roster because the system cannot place you at an airport - that does correct itself if you complete another flight to an airport that is in the database.

As players report ICAO variations to me, I can update the Star Alliance database so it can match newer ICAO codes to the FSE codes...

You can check if an airport exists in the Star Alliance database by ICAO here: Airport Lookup or by Name Search here: Airport Search

You can report a missing airport by sending me a message here (logged in users only) Site Message System

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