What is the Star Alliance?

It may be easier to start with what the Alliance is not. We are not another FSE Group in the sense that you are not required to join any group, use specific planes, or fly specific missions in order to be part of the Alliance. In that same light, we are not a Virtual Airline, because there are no assigned routes to fly; you are free to fly any plane in your simulator anyplace in the world. We are also not a real world company, and any similarities to real world companies are purely coincidental.

So what is it then?
The Flight Sim Network and Star Alliance are the next step of progression for my earlier Flight Sim and FSE Ventures such as Elite Star Services, Fleetshare, the Aircraft Coop and my involvement in the Elite Alliance.

The core idea of the Network is a community of people who enjoy flight simulation, sort of a "Pilots Lounge" where players can exchange ideas and interests in an open forum. The system also interacts with FSEconomy for those of us who use that add-on; but there is no requirement to use FSE. As a bonus to those who do use FSE, pilots can request that the "pay" they earn as an Alliance pilot be transferred to their FSEconomy Account.

The basic service provided by the Star Alliance is a detailed log of your flight performance through the use of SIM ACARS to report flight parameters, we also have a collection of different tools and utilities for FSE Players and Flight Simulation Pilots. The longer term plan for the Alliance is to offer extended services in a "member driven" situation, so if you would like to join a group where the goal involves making adjustments and offering features based on the requests and desires of our members, give us a try.


Qualified pilots (with more than 25 hours) can request Alliance Pilot status. If approved, new types of flights become available when flying Alliance Registered Aircraft. SIM ACARS will recognize when a pilot is at an Airport where a Registered Aircraft is located, and will then offer the ability to select that aircraft for a flight. A pilot can also elect to Change Location (Pilot Options), this will allow the pilot to immediately move to a new location for a charge based on the distance moved.

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