What is the Star Alliance?

It may be easier to start with what the Alliance is not. We are not another FSE Group in the sense that you are not required to join any FSE Group, use specific planes, or fly specific assignments in order to be part of the Alliance. You or your group are are free to fly any plane in your simulator anyplace in the world. We are also not a real world company, and any similarities to real world companies are purely coincidental.

So what is it then?
The Flight Sim Network and Star Alliance are the next step for my earlier Flight Sim and FSE Ventures such as Elite Star Services, the Aircraft Coop plus other Projects & Rally's.

The core idea is that the system interacts with FSEconomy, so information about any FBO's, Aircraft or Flights from FSE can be imported. This allows us to offer many unique tools and features, such as asset management, group/pilot/FBO reporting, a flight board, mapping tools, data aggregation and the like. A fair number of these tools are free for all to use without membership, but many more options become available once you create your pilot account, which is also free and requires no obligation or commitment on your part other than the desire to access those tools. Aircraft and pilot information is also only stored for member pilots, guest pilots can view information on many pages, but no flight data is stored in our databases unless you are a registered pilot or group.

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