09J★★★★Good RW Representation and Scenery Blending.ORBX GlobalP3Dv3DigTekNO LINK
KISW★★★Fair RW Representation and Blending, just not especially nice.ORBX GlobalP3Dv3DigTekNO LINK
NZNR★★★★★Non-objective opinion: One of the best locations on North Island.ORBX NIP3Dv4tomafooNO LINK
YCOR★★★★Nice Scenery Layout & Blending (better than many OzX)OzX FreeP3Dv3DigTekNO LINK
YHOT★★★★Another Nice OzX Airport - is the Highest Altitude Airport in AustraliaOzX FreeP3Dv3DigTekNO LINK
YPKL★★★Has a building and some clutter, better than default.OzX FreeP3Dv3DigTekNO LINK
YWGT★★★Default Airport, does have 4 Buildings against the ramp.DefaultP3Dv3DigTekNO LINK
NVVW★★★FS9 quality - better than the default airport...FreewareP3Dv3DigTekNO LINK
KLND★★★★Above Average Scenery including people, good blending.ORBX GlobalP3Dv3DigTekNO LINK
YMTG★★★FS9 Quality Scenery is far better than the barren default airport.FreewareP3Dv3DigTekNO LINK
YBLT★★★FS9 Quality Scenery is far batter than the barren default airport.FreewareP3Dv3DigTekNO LINK
NZMJ★★★★★Registers as NZMF in FSE. Suitable for Helis and Bush Planes.ORBX NZMFP3Dv4tomafooVISIT LINK
7WA3★★★★Registers as 4WA8 in FSE - Nice Location for Helis and Bush Planes.ORBX PNWP3Dv3DigTekNO LINK
4W6★★★★Closed in RL, but nicely enhanced sim airport...ORBX PNWP3Dv3DigTekNO LINK

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