FSE European Riddle Rally

Registration is now Closed – The FSE European Riddle Rally has begun!
Rally Sponsors: Hellenic Wings Alliance, JetStar, Capital Aircraft Finance, Rotorhead Helicopter Leasing

General Rally Guidelines

Rally Checkpoints will be based at airports with paved runways of 3500′ or more that offer enhanced scenery when possible.
* Checkpoints will be under 500 miles apart / the schedule is no more than one checkpoint per week *

Some checkpoints for the rally are preset, but most will be given along the way as a game or riddle. These “riddles” will be presented in a way that does not require each pilot to figure out the answer on their own, rather the riddle and answers will be posted on the FSE forum until the correct response is given and confirmed.

Prize payments will be made for correct riddle answers, visiting checkpoints on time and any mini-contests offered.

  • No Aircraft Restriction, fly any FSE Aircraft in the Rally (for optimal realism, the plane should be able to operate from 3500′ runways)
  • It is highly recommended that pilots dedicate a plane for rally use, one that will not be needed on other operations until the rally is complete.

    If you or your group want to sponsor an event it can be anything from flight based to a puzzle or game that requires a little thought or research to solve.

    Unless specifically stated otherwise, each pilot can attempt to answer the riddle or game for each checkpoint only one time, failure to comply with this rule could result in forfeiture of any payout for that checkpoint. I also ask that only Active Registered Pilots post answers. The obvious reason for this rule is fairness to (other) pilots in the contest.
    For the sake of this contest, an Active Registered Pilot would be at or have visited the last given checkpoint.

    In addition to the limit of one guess per pilot as explained above, we have a few more simple rules:

  • Pilots may enter only one plane into the contest and must fly all legs of the contest as the sole pilot of that plane
  • Pilots must maintain the same aircraft and registration for the duration of the contest (unless approved in advance)
  • Pilots should not fall more than 2 checkpoints behind, and must be current to be considered active (as explained above)
  • Any unforeseen issues not covered by these rules are determined by the contest operators, whose decisions are final